PBIS Elementary

What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

PBIS creates and maintains safe, nurturing learning environments where teachers can teach and students can learn.  It is a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral support and social culture needed for all of our students to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.  There are many components to PBIS at St. Edmond.  They revolve around a central theme, GAELS… (Give respect, Always do your best, Everyone is responsible, Love like Jesus, Safety first.)

Office Discipline Referral Form- The ODR is a tool the SE Staff uses to communicate behavioral concerns and track behavioral data. The ODR documents a behavior concern and is used for data keeping purposes. The ODR is a communication and data tool that documents the behavior and consequence. ODRs should never be used as a threat to the student; in fact, the student should not be told that he or she has received an ODR. 

We all make mistakes from time to time; but it is our hope that an ODR will help the child learn from those mistakes and think twice before repeating the behavior in the future.  ODRs can be given for minor or major behaviors.  Major discipline referrals are more severe in nature and are reviewed by an administrator.  Three minor ODRs for the same offense are equivalent of a major offense.

ODR data is reviewed weekly by the Principal, Counselor, Grade-level Teams, and the PBIS team.  Positive interventions are then developed to address concerns.

Parent/Guardian and Student Responsibilities

It is the teacher’s discretion if they communicate a minor ODR to a parent, based on the offense.  All major ODRs will be reported to the parent.  The teacher that witnessed the major ODR offense, will be the one that communicates to the parent. 

What is a Cool Tool?

A Cool Tool is a behavioral lesson plan.  They are used to teach expectations in a similar way that we approach academics.  Cool Tools are taught in the classroom.  Cool Tool announcements are read every morning and reinforced throughout the day.  Each week we focus on a different topic.


TK-5th grade students have the opportunity to earn GAEL tickets from SE faculty & staff.  Students can earn GAEL tickets by demonstrating one or more of our GAEL expectations. The teachers will have the Gael Slips kept in their room and will draw their own winner each week for the student to be a GAEL STAR.  The teachers will report the name to Mrs. Nation, and she will announce them, and they will receive their prize. 

These students are recognized in our Friday announcements and in their grade level hallway, with their name on a star. 


Celebrations are held to celebrate the success of our students who behave appropriately and follow the expectations by showing respect for community, environment, and learning.  Grade level teachers will hold their own celebrations (ex. Stuffed animal day, hat day, etc).  We will also have school-wide celebrations at the Gael Gala throughout the school year where the students will get recognized in front of one another.